Welcome to The Scrutinizer

The Scrutinizer is an intervention to provide unbiased, reliable information based on actual scientific facts about diseases, diet, nutrition, supplements, sports medicine and more. In order to promote products, manufacturers and advertisers often confuse consumers. Fictional headlines, exaggerated benefits and distorted information are often what is available…

“ The Scrutinizer is the answer ”

We are passionate about providing true science based information for use by individuals. To that end, we have compiled an independent database, a compendium of information if you will, in the form of “The Scrutinizer” to help consumers make the right decisions and get their questions answered reliably in regard to their health.

We are currently working on various manuals on nutrition, physical training and customized diet plans, which will support everyone trying to make a switch to a healthy lifestyle. We also offer customized support (via phone or email) to our clients and are available to answer any questions they might have. The Scrutinizer is not affiliated with any supplement company or any other company to promote products. Our recommendations are based solely on research and literature.


“My ambition is to ensure that The Scrutinizer benefits everyone who takes all aspects of their health seriously, as I do.”

-Dr. Meenakshi Noll