Our Mission

The Scrutinizer (www.thescrutinizer.org) is a One Stop Information PortalĀ providing Reliable, Unbiased, Science-Based Research about health, fitness, supplements, diseases, and medicine. We hope to share our research globally by enabling individuals to learn how to improve their health and the health of their community. There is too much misinformation everywhere in the world e.g. distorted truths on Vaccinations, GMOs, Organic Foods, and the list goes on. Everyone wants better health and lifestyle for themselves and their families but are confused in the absence of any reliable source that can provide them with truthful information. Therefore, there is a dire need for an accurate and dependable information medium.

The Scrutinizer is the answer: It is the only Reliable and a Unique Source of Information that is easily available and accessible to the people.

Our mission is to educate the communities with actual, unbiased scientific facts on topics related to health, nutrition, and disease thus providing them with critical thinking skills, enabling them to distinguish between true and false facts and reports. This, in turn, empowers the individuals to make informed decisions about their health, which consequently reduces the distorted truths in the health, nutrition and sports industry, thus significantly improving the quality of life of people globally.

“Critical Thinking Skills when applied correctly,Ā Ā help to armor people against accepting lies blindly. That’s their biggest feature.”

Our recommendations are based solely on the conclusions reached by a meta-analysis of scientific research and literature, which means we follow Ā Science-BasedĀ Medicine/Information and NOT Evidence-BasedĀ Information. The entire Scrutinizer Team unequivocally shares the passion and enthusiasm to help the mankind by providing Unbiased Science-Based Information.