The is an advocacy group for science based medicine, founded by Dr. Meenakshi Noll, to combat the massive amount of misinformation in the health industry, especially through popular media channels. Our mission is to educate the communities about medicine, sports, nutrition, and diseases, to drastically improve the quality of life for people while providing the critical thinking skills to detect and avoid the false facts and reports. Our recommendations are based entirely on research and literature and we all share the same passion to provide unbiased science based information.

You might ask what does “misinformation” even mean in that context. How do we know what’s most likely true? Can you trust that random website or blog? What about peer-reviewed research journals?

Just to make sense of all the articles on the web, people themselves need to be able to interpret the information, think critically or have scientific knowledge. Everyone is not a scientist or a statistician, or be able to read scientific literature and interpret it. Even medical doctors lack the ability to correctly interpret the reported results and translate them into their everyday medical practice to treat patients. In addition, patients need to understand this information.

Therefore, there is an urgent requirement of a trusted source where all the scientific interpretation is already done for everyone. Our team follows the high moral and ethical standards of reporting the unbiased information by following,  “Science Based Medicine’ and NOT ‘Evidence Based Medicine.”

Why should you believe us? Or what could provide that is already not on the web or other media?

These are the questions we (The Scrutinizer) are always asked. We let the facts dictate the answer. We have a great team of qualified professionals in place. We all share the same dedication to providing the community with unprejudiced true scientific information in simple easy to understand language. We have NO advertisers and what we recommend on our site is derived after painstaking analysis of ALL the literature out there. Our scientific team at The Scrutinizer rigorously analyzes the published data, and reaches a conclusion from there. We consider the entire literature in unprejudiced manner. This means if a particular study shows a positive result or a treatment that works, but in the end after looking at entire literature and statistical analysis, that may not be the case. That is what we report regardless of what anyone wants to hear. The whole idea of science, research, statistics and analysis is to finally tell the correct and true story, not just paint a flowery picture.