The Deceptive Entanglement of COVID-19 and the Flu

The Deceptive Entanglement of COVID-19 and the Flu
In this video, I respond to various opinions from another medical professional about COVID-19. From this discussion, I cover the following 3 main topics (the timestamps are clickable and will take you to that point in the video):
1. The true death statistics of the common flu and COVID-19
2. A summary on the use of masks and why they are NOT inefficient
3. How to decide whether one should trust a source of information
Below are Links to every source referenced (even the one’s I disagree with) so that you can see the full view and come to your own conclusions
I hope you all enjoy this video. If you have any questions, or things you agree/disagree with, please write them in the comments. I will respond ASAP and we can have a meaningful discussion.
Timestamps for Video:
4:17 -1st opinion on COVID by a neurosurgeon (called Dr. S for privacy purposes)
6:50 -Estimated Flu deaths vs. Counted deaths of Flu
8:35 -Comparison of Counted Deaths of Flu vs COVID during their respective peak weeks
11:55 -2nd opinion on COVID by a Dr. S
12:43 -Summary of the mechanisms of masks
16:10 -3rd opinion on COVID by Dr. S
17:25 -Discussion of JAMC article (which questions mask use) and reasoning behind it being a bad reference
– Definition and importance of the Impact Factor of a journal
23:34-Discussion of Nursing Times magazine article which debates the effectiveness of masks
25:05–Discussion of WHO/Chinese CDC article which questions the validity of masking, handwashing, and personal hygiene along with why this journal is flawed
33:20-suggested modes of transmission for Influenza
34:59 PNAS article discussing the various factors for disease transmission. This article was taken specifically because the WHO article points out that the effect of humidity is unknown. The PNAS article discusses the effect of both humidity and gravity. This is also a resourceful article because it illustrates the complexity of disease transmission. It is not as simple as 6ft or the pore size of a mask.
37:59 the IndoorAir reference that studies COVID transmission that occurred during weekly choir practice.

Links to all sources mentioned:
The COVID Death and Flu Death Stats and Info:………

PNAS Article (how humidity affects COVID transmission)

IndoorAir Choir Study

*The next references are the references that I described as misleading and inaccurate. I am linking them in case you would like to look at them but I am NOT agreeing/promoting them.………