Many people have questions about Covid-19. Here are some of them:

Question 1: Can I still get COVID-19 after getting vaccinated?

Yes, you are still prone to COVID-19 after vaccination

Question 2: Is there any country that has achieved herd immunity for COVID-19 either through spread or immunizations?

Herd Immunity occurs when most of the population has antibodies against an infection. The problem is no one is developing antibodies against COVID-19 regardless of vaccination or being infected. Thus, there cannot and has not been any herd immunity anywhere.

Question 3: After the double mutant COVID-19 virus, is there a possibility of a higher mutation COVID-19 virus?

Yes, of course. In comparison to the influenza virus that is prone to mutate frequently, COVID-19 has been pretty stable. However, COVID-19 mutated suddenly when there was effort of mass vaccination by the UK. This is called selective pressure on the virus and can cause mutations. Other than this, there are few viruses with Reverse Transcriptase that have to mutate every time they multiply bc they make our body make DNA from RNA and then back to protein. That means more mistakes that we can call mutations.

Question 4: Is there a link between nerve damage and COVID-19?

Yes, there have been quite a few patients with nerve damage due to COVID-19. The problem with COVID-19 is its symptoms are all over the place unlike, for example measles which causes the same symptoms in everyone. In contrast, COVID-19 has shown patients with symptoms in the neurological system, respiratory system, and digestive system. The most concerning of all this being that some issues are chronic and long term.


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