Here are the questions we are frequently asked. We hope the answers shed some more light on our mission and what we stand for.

We are a one stop science based information Portland provide unbiased science based reports on medicine, sports, nutrition and diseases. Our mission is to drastically improve the quality of life for people by providing them with the critical thinking skills to detect and avoid the false facts and reports.
We have a great team of qualified professionals in place that analyzes the published data rigorously, and reaches a conclusion after painstaking analysis of ALL the literature out there. We write in simple words the whole story so the people get a take home message and they don’t have to go to different sources for information. Thus we are one stop information portal.
A good clinical study or data for a clinical trial comes after years and years of research and publications. Until, different researchers can reproduce the results independently, those data are not credible to reach an inference. This is called Science Based Medicine, in which key word is taking into account ALL the published literature. Evidence Based Medicine on the other hand could also mean taking into account one published paper and make an inference. Most people think there is an article out there, it must be true. Right? NO: wrong.

Any data can be ‘massaged’ either way or every time you perform an experiment there could be different results. Therefore, you have to look at years and years of data on the same topic, and then make a scientific consensus from there. We take care of that for you here at The Scrutinizer.

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