Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Here are the questions we are frequently asked. We hope the answers shed some more light on our mission and what we stand for.

What is thescrutinizer.org?

It is a comprehensive and rich source of reliable, unbiased information on topics of health, fitness, disease and treatment, nutrition, sports medicine and supplements, and so forth. It is a unique and expansive resource of science-based information easily available and accessible to everyone globally. The information is provided in simple easy to understand language. Our team follows the high moral and ethical standards of reporting the unbiased information by following, ‘Science Based Medicine’ and NOT ‘Evidence-Based Medicine.’

Our mission is to alleviate the plethora of misinformation by educating the individuals and providing them with Critical Thinking Skills. This enables them to distinguish between the real and false facts and reports, thus significantly improving the quality of their life.

What do you mean by ‘One Stop Information Portal’?

It means that we have established a digital resource that has a vast collection of easy to read and understand information on various topics related to health, medicine and disease, treatments, nutrition, sports, and more. The goal is to help individuals get truthful information at one place/website so they don’t have to go to various other websites each providing either too much or too little information. Most of the times, the reports are even contradictory on the same topics that only leads to more confusion and worry. Therefore, we created the ‘One Stop Information Portal’ where complete information is provided in easy to understand language and a take-home message is also outlined. This simplifies the life of individuals immensely and furthermore empowers them to make informed decisions about their everyday life without any skepticism.

In short, our One Stop Information Portal is a trusted scientific resource created solely to help the people, that takes worry out of the equation and provides them peace of mind.

What is the difference between ‘Science-Based’ and ‘Evidence-Based’ Information/Medicine?

A good research/clinical study or data comes after years and years of research leading to peer-reviewed publications in highly reputed Journals. Until different researchers can reproduce the same results independently, those data are not credible to reach an inference. Sometimes, there would be contradictory results on the same study. To reach a conclusion, ALL the published results should be considered and subjected to a meta-analysis. The conclusions made from this kind of rigorous evaluation have no room for error. This is called Science-Based Information.

Evidence-Based Information/Medicine, on the other hand, means considering ANY report, anecdote, blogs, even one or two publications in a scientific journal or magazine and reaching a conclusion. Most people think if there is an article out there, in ANY magazine or social media it must be authentic. Nothing could be farther than the truth and this is what spreads misinformation and even puts the life of individuals in danger.

Can we trust that random website or blog? What about peer-reviewed research journals? How do we know what’s most likely true?

No and No. Any data can be ‘massaged’ either way and unfortunately, lately, we should be skeptic of the articles published in peer-reviewed journals also. In order to understand the information a report is providing, either the people themselves need to have scientific knowledge and be able to interpret the data, or at least have critical thinking skills. Everyone is not a scientist to be able to read scientific literature and translate it. Even medical doctors lack the ability to correctly decipher the reported results and translate them into their everyday medical practice to treat patients. In addition, patients need to understand this information.

Therefore, there is an urgent requirement of a trusted source where all the scientific interpretation is already done in easy to understand manner. ‘The Scrutinizer’ is that source available Globally. Our team follows the high moral and ethical standards of reporting the unbiased information so that people can confidently take the information from us and make informed decisions.

What could TheScrutinizer.org provide that is already not on the web or other media?

We have a great team of qualified professionals in place who share the same dedication to providing the community with unprejudiced true scientific information in simple easy to understand language. We have NO advertisers that can lead to conflict of interest, thus we remain unbiased. Our recommendations are solely derived from rigorous and painstaking analysis of ALL the published literature in peer-reviewed journals. These steps enable ‘thescrutinizer.org’ to tell an accurate and true story in simple and easy to understand words. In addition, our articles include a simple take-home message that makes life of the people easy. They don’t have to panic/desperately search for different sources of information. These sources either have too much or too little information and most of the time contradictory facts that lead to confusion and spread of misinformation.

We are the only database that has been established in the interest of the communities and patients that provides Science-Based, Reliable and Unbiased Information in simple, easy to understand articles. Furthermore, individuals can message or call us in case they need clarification or more information.

Who can benefit from thescrutinizer.org?

We are a versatile, expansive and thorough resource of information that was created keeping in mind people from all walks of life, patients, organizations/companies, clinics, gymnasiums and more. Individuals can sign up for a subscription that is highly affordable for such a great resource. Businesses, Insurance Companies, Health Clinics, Gymnasiums and the like can get a special pricing from us that enables their employees to access this wonderful resource at their fingertips. One of the major perks of taking out a paid subscription, in addition to getting a discount on our services, is access to the monthly Scrutinizer Journal free of charge. The Scrutinizer Journal is a great resource in itself, that is dedicated to one health topic each month. Once again the whole journal is written in simple easy to understand words along with pictures that make the reading more interesting.

thescrutinizer.org could help bring down the cost of healthcare for the businesses because our resources are about preventative care, that improves the health of people and thus the quality of their life. This leads to fewer claims for the Insurance Companies. Therefore, it is a win win situation for everyone.

How do I get involved in this cause?

We can always use more team members. You can either fill the form on Contact Us page or simply send an email to admin@thescrutinizer.org, someone will get back to you right away.

What services does The Scrutinizer offer?

Please visit our Services page for detailed information on our individualized services.