Our goal is to provide a service that keeps our clients happy. We are pleased to hear any feedback they have for us.

A few words from our clients:

"I have known Meenakshi for a little over 6 months now and when my mother was having bowl problems she gave me sound advice. She has also given me a diet plan and workout plan because I told her I needed to lose weight. Its not that I asked her but because she really cares with whoever she is dealing with. She always gives thorough guidance and if she she is not sure, she will get you the right answer but she will always get back to you. She is an awesome person through and through and I am glad that I can call her friend and go to her when I have health questions for not only me but others as I have explained."

— Jon Eitel

"TheScrutinizer.org is a very useful site in a world of nebulous information. There I know that the information is vetted, and credible. The site administrator is a PhD, has done scientific research, and is known to me personally as a woman of character and intelligence. This site is an important addition to the internet as it provides information from real scientific research, presented by professionals. I would recommend supporting this website."

— M. Calanthe Wilson-Pant, M.D., BE, ABFM

 "This is an amazing website full of much-needed information. In this time of misinformation, the world really needs a source like this. My teenage son was having unexplained health problems that prevented him even to go to school. He really wanted to get better and did what anyone told him including taking all sorts of supplements and even hormones. I contacted Meenakshi for advice (I have known her from school). She talked to my son on the phone to take all details and she made a customized diet and health plan for my son that included advice on supplements and talking/counseling from her every week. I must say this plan worked very well, my son started improving, and seemed much happier.

— S.D.

 "I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient. I know Meenakshi from an MS web group where she had posted some comments about MS and its treatment. I found her to be very knowledgeable and compassionate. Anytime I messaged her my questions, she promptly answers. She genuinely cares about everyone and it's nice to know someone reliable is always there for you. She does this out of her good heart, never sent me a bill."
— Fenna
The Netherlands

"Dr. Noll: It was a pleasure meeting you. I can't thank you enough, once again, how much the students enjoyed the sessions. I, too, learned a lot, and that is what makes connecting with the experts so fascinating. The opportunity you gave us to ask questions and learn, as well as bring to life our Plant Unit, has been outstanding. You, an MD with PhD's, no doubt very busy, have taken the time to meet with my science kids, and show them the important work you do with what they are learning, and provide them insight to authentic science research, has made our unit much more interesting. Hope to meet with you again."

— Marie Lemon
Greenville Early College

"I have had the pleasure of completing video sessions with Ms. Noll for the past two years. Her area of expertise as a biochemist is a great addition to our 7th Grade Life Science genetics lesson. She presents her career to the students with passion and relates it to direct topics that the students have learned. The students love doing the Nepris sessions; it is a great opportunity for the students to learn about science careers and gain an overall understanding of how what I teach now may be used in the future."

— Lindsey Bastoe

A Few Words from Students/Parents

"Clear and patient tutor. I am in a College Level Organic Chemistry class and struggling with certain concepts. I was able to sit down with Meenakshi for a couple of hours and work on those area's I am struggling with. Needless to say after those two hours I felt more confident with the concepts, as well as, felt more prepared for an upcoming exam. I am still a little fuzzy on some of the concepts, but I know that working with Meenakshi some more will be the key. Thanks for all your help and I highly recommend Meenakshi as a tutor if you are struggling with Chemistry concepts."

— Travis
Beaverton, OR

"Very knowledgeable and helpful tutor. Meenakshi put in 110% effort to make sure that I understood the main concepts that I needed to know for my exam. Without her help and support I would not have been able to score as well as I did. I highly recommend her!"

— Andrea
Ann Arbor, MI

"Excellent tutor! She goes over concepts in depth while explaining them thoroughly and clearly. I've really been able to gain a deeper understanding behind the concepts in chemistry and have improved my test scores."

— Sophie
West Linn, OR

"Wonderful to work with. Meenakshi really knows her stuff and comes prepared! She can fill in the parts of the material that the book neglected and will create a schedule with you to cover the material that you need before exam dates."

— Tricia
Portland, OR

"Makes difficult content easy to understand. Meenakshi is very kind and willing to help in any way she can to ensure you understand the material. She breaks larger concepts down in a way that is helpful. She helps you identify and focus on goals of self-achievement. I look forward to more sessions with her!"

— Shelby
Beaverton, OR

"Meenakshi is a very knowledgeable chemistry tutor. She was very flexible, and she helped our son with his AP Chemistry class. I would recommend her to others, as she's patient, and easy to work with."

— Sandy
Hillsboro, OR

"Fantastic first experience. My daughter was extremely reluctant to engage a tutor, overwhelmed, feeling shy about the whole process. But, Meenakshi was fantastic for her to listen to and in just a short amount of time offered her confidence in learning biology! Thankful."

Beaverton, OR 

"Meenakshi is very good at explaining things and does not assume that you know things. She is able and willing to over things from the start and does not make you feel stupid. She is very knowledgeable, prepared, and intelligent."

— Genea
Portland, OR

"Great tutor to work with. Meenakshi helps my daughter's AP Chemistry. She is very knowledgeable and very patient. She responds my phone and emails very quickly. Sometimes we contact her at the last minute but she always help to have the lesson scheduled. She is a great tutor to work with."

— H West
Linn, OR

"Prepared, patient, and provides in-depth explanations. My niece had a wonderful experience with Meenakshi. Meenakshi starts off by making sure you provide her with the relevant material so that she can prepare for a focused lesson. Then my niece found her patience and her in-depth explanations to be wonderful. She will continue to use Meenakshi through her second and third terms."

— Michael
Portland, OR

"Very helpful and caring tutor. My daughter had fallen behind in her high school chemistry class. Meenakshi was very helpful in teaching her key concepts and getting her caught up in her coursework. Meenakshi made sure to follow up with a Skype session to ensure that my daughter understood everything after their face-to-face session was over. I appreciate that she cared enough about my daughter's success to take the extra time. If needed, we would not hesitate to use Meenakshi again."

— Michael 
Beaverton, OR

"Very helpful tutor for AP Chem and for Organic Chemistry. Meenakshi can explain clearly and concisely complex AP Chem concepts in a way that helps me understand and retain them. I had been challenged by AP Chem Labs, but after working with Meenakshi, I found it much easier to understand the labs and their results. Also, near the end of the semester, Meenakshi was tremendously helpful with helping me master concepts in organic chemistry. She was also always very well prepared for the lesson, and as a result, I always made excellent and quick progress with her as my tutor. I strongly recommend her for students wanting additional assistance in either AP Chem or in Organic Chemistry."

— Penny Lynn 
Saint Louis, MO

"Exceptional teacher and accommodates my sons schedule. My son has been confused in his high school biology class this entire school year because of the educational approach. After a single, one hour lesson with Meenakshi, 3/4 of the way through the year, he had the confidence that he will be able to fully understand the material going forward. Meenakshi will be able to help him review the material from the beginning of the year which, in a very short time, transforms a mediocre year in biology to a successful year with confidence, understanding and better grades for class completion. We are very grateful for vast knowledge and exceptional teaching skills."

— Darcy
Portland, OR

"Catching up to moving ahead. Meenakshi helped my son catch up on his work and he is excited to be moving ahead. We will continue to see her and hope to post test score improvement. Pleased after a few lessons."

— Jamie
Portland, OR

"Great! She helped me understand more on all the concepts of Ochem. It was good to have a different voice teaching me."

— Gabby Molalla

"Outstanding tutor for your Biological Science need! Meenakshi is an outstanding tutor! She has thorough knowledge of any Biological science like Genetics, Biology, Biochemistry and science projects ideas. She is very focused, sincere and knowledgeable about the students need. She can explain critical ideas in a way, so that anyone can get clear conception about what he/she is doing. She is expert and resourceful to grow interest inside kids to learn and research about life science. I recommend highly to get her help for your kid's success."

— Zarif
Portland, OR