Our goal is to provide a service that keeps our clients happy. We are pleased to hear any feedback they have for us.

A few words from our clients:

“I have known Meenakshi for a little over 6 months now and when my mother was having bowl problems she gave me sound advice. She has also given me a diet plan and workout plan because I told her I needed to lose weight. Its not that I asked her but because she really cares with whoever she is dealing with. She always gives thorough guidance and if she she is not sure, she will get you the right answer but she will always get back to you. She is an awesome person through and through and I am glad that I can call her friend and go to her when I have health questions for not only me but others as I have explained.”

— Jon Eitel

“TheScrutinizer.org is a very useful site in a world of nebulous information. There I know that the information is vetted, and credible. The site administrator is a PhD, has done scientific research, and is known to me personally as a woman of character and intelligence. This site is an important addition to the internet as it provides information from real scientific research, presented by professionals. I would recommend supporting this website.”

— M. Calanthe Wilson-Pant, M.D., BE, ABFM

 “This is an amazing website full of much-needed information. In this time of misinformation, the world really needs a source like this. My teenage son was having unexplained health problems that prevented him even to go to school. He really wanted to get better and did what anyone told him including taking all sorts of supplements and even hormones. I contacted Meenakshi for advice (I have known her from school). She talked to my son on the phone to take all details and she made a customized diet and health plan for my son that included advice on supplements and talking/counseling from her every week. I must say this plan worked very well, my son started improving, and seemed much happier.

— S.D.

 “I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient. I know Meenakshi from an MS web group where she had posted some comments about MS and its treatment. I found her to be very knowledgeable and compassionate. Anytime I messaged her my questions, she promptly answers. She genuinely cares about everyone and it’s nice to know someone reliable is always there for you. She does this out of her good heart, never sent me a bill.”
— Fenna
The Netherlands

“Dr. Noll: It was a pleasure meeting you. I can’t thank you enough, once again, how much the students enjoyed the sessions. I, too, learned a lot, and that is what makes connecting with the experts so fascinating. The opportunity you gave us to ask questions and learn, as well as bring to life our Plant Unit, has been outstanding. You, an MD with PhD’s, no doubt very busy, have taken the time to meet with my science kids, and show them the important work you do with what they are learning, and provide them insight to authentic science research, has made our unit much more interesting. Hope to meet with you again.”

— Marie Lemon
Greenville Early College

As the saying goes, science doesn’t care what you believe…. and Neither does The Scrutinizer. Unlike most of the science-based information available online, The Scrutinizer’s content presents no bias. This ensures you get the clearest and most up to date information and discussions available on a range of different subjects. I was surprised at how misinformed I was when it came to GMOs, there is always more to learn!

— Richard
Orlando, FL

I am the last person who ever writes a review. But reading the recent articles on GMOs sparked my curiosity to visit the website thescrutinizer.org. The website in itself is beautiful designed not to mention the much-needed information on health, supplements that is explained in simple easy to understand words. In a way Science explained in Non-Scientific way. I took out their subscription to keep up with the new articles they post. If I had a question regarding the articles, I have messaged The Scrutinizer, and Meenakshi gets back to you fast. Knowing there is a source of information I can rely on and someone will answer my urgent query, has brought me peace of mind. Thank you, Scrutinizer!

— Debashish
Vancouver, B.C.

Cool web site! Relevant information with valid points! I have been confused on BCAAs and other supplements I take for workout. I took one of the services from The Scrutinizer. Dr. Noll called, took my history of health and sent me a full report on what BCAAs are, which kind to take and how to take. That was impressive how she breaks down each ingredienat and explains. Thanks to The Scrutinizer I can supplement BCAAs the right way and not be concerned.

— Alexander
Bad Neuheim, Germany

“I have had the pleasure of completing video sessions with Ms. Noll for the past two years. Her area of expertise as a biochemist is a great addition to our 7th Grade Life Science genetics lesson. She presents her career to the students with passion and relates it to direct topics that the students have learned. The students love doing the Nepris sessions; it is a great opportunity for the students to learn about science careers and gain an overall understanding of how what I teach now may be used in the future.”

— Lindsey Bastoe