Transition from Academia to Industry

I’m frequently asked why did I transition from Academia to Industry

I always wanted to be a research scientist to understand the basics of diseases and find a cure to help people, not a cure that brings in large amounts of money at any cost. In addition, I wanted to provide true unbiased information because nothing is more regretful than even one person losing their life or being terminally ill because they didn’t have the correct information. Academia is such a place where I could work towards all these goals along with teaching because students are our next generation. The goal is not to generate sheep that follow blindly or only see big profits.

PROFIT is where all the boundaries of healthcare have gone murky. Especially in the United States, people have forgotten going into medicine, medical research, and teaching are called noble professions because you do NOT choose these professions because you want to make money, you go in these fields because you want to help people, you have kindness and empathy. These qualities seem to have evaporated over time from our healthcare system.

Healthcare System

Everyone uses the word system, i.e. healthcare system is broken. What is a system? All of us together are that system. Until and unless all of us can come out of selfishness to only think about ourselves we cannot even begin to repair our broken healthcare and thus the health of the common man. Since when healthcare became a privilege and not a right?

My transition from bench research to The Scrutinizer

Coming to my transition from active bench research towards starting a company like The Scrutinizer was based on all of the above, along with running a company as an academician and NOT as a business. I felt that with The Scrutinizer, I could help everyone i.e. patients, students, and just common person who is interested in seeking knowledge; and put my best effort forward to try to combat the misinformation that is at its peak now because (1) most information out there either promotes products to generate only profit or (2) is provided without a thorough knowledge of the subject. Thus, leaving an average person frustrated, confused, and even scared.

Starting The Scrutinizer

Therefore, I generated a platform where (1) I could write science in English, where anyone can get correct and unbiased information on what they are seeking in one place. (2) To help people feel safe and worry-free knowing that someone cares and that I could be personally available to help them understand whys and what of the topic/ disease/information/supplements etc. (3) So that they are satisfied and feel empowered and not helpless anymore. I encourage them to ask questions from their doctors and not be afraid to ask. Like a scientist does and Einstein said, “Always ask questions” (4) I want to bridge this ever-widening gap between a doctor and patient regarding information and treatment given to the patients. Lastly (5) I am able to help students with tutoring. It is our (parents, teachers, societies) duty to mold our children and students into people who have strong standards of morals and ethics, are kind to every living being, and honestly gain education in the fields they are passionate about while using their ‘own’ critical thinking skills.

I’m talking about three things here, all have the same fact in common i.e. misinformation, lack of information and sincerity, and running towards profit, to say the least:

  1. Missing kindness and empathy, the bedside manner of a doctor is the core of this profession. The students opt for medicine these days not because they are interested in the subject, but because they find it a glamorous job with earning big money. Robots at the hospitals or computers for patients to check themselves out cannot ever replace the human touch that works wonders for sick people and for people to feel safe. To be able to sleep peacefully thinking someone cares and they are in good hands.
  2. Pharmaceutical companies and the supplement industry manufacture products that would generate huge profits without thorough research into the pros and cons of that product or knowing the pros and cons and still selling their product for the money.
  3. Education of the next generation i.e. our students, children. They are being taught in a hurry, with a video recording and there is no teaching of ‘Critical Thinking Skills’. The students don’t understand the basics of the subject but are forced to memorize what’s taught in the class hurriedly so they can earn their grades. What is the point of that education that they can’t relate to the real world and use it to solve problems or make this world a better place?

Thus, The Scrutinizer can be a good role model for everyone and lead by example. As Paul Cohen said:

“The world is changed by your example not by your opinion.”

What is your reason to transition your job? Please write in the comments and join the discussion. We would like to hear from you.