The Field of Epidemiology and the Importance of Infection Control

The students will just be staring off their journey into exploring medical careers and learning anatomy along with medical terminology and disease process.  We begin with a lesson called Safety wich includes good hand washing and the importance of hand washing in all areas of medicine.  I am an RN teaching the class and the students in the past have asked for more guest speakers and they want to learn more about careers they may not have known about in medicine.  I thought this would be a perfect time to introduce them to the field of epidemiology.

Key Questions

  • What made you pick this field
  • Where you always a good student
  • What did you do in high school
  • How much education did you need
  • Where did you go to school
  • Would you recommend it to others
  • What are some of the other medical professionals that you work with
  • What is the coolest(grossest)case you have worked on
  • What is day in the life of an epidemiologist like
  • How much money can I make
  • How much student debt could I incure

Expected Outcomes

What is Epidemiology and what does a day in the life of this person look like? Discuss the importance of Germ control in saving lives and then a talk on your personal story of how you became an Epidemiologist. How much school etc…where did you go to school, what can they do to prepare for a career like this. Also what type of personality or what kinds of characteristics should a person bring to the table for this field. What other kind of people do you work with.

Maybe you could mention a few of those careers, from doctors all the way down to techs. We have a real mix of students. Some want to be doctors, other want to do 9 months of training and become medical assistants. Some just don’t have a clue, but they like the idea of the medical filed and are looking to us to show them the field for them. If there is time they would probably like to hear a cool story or two!

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