Everything You Want to Know About Kidney and Urinary Health: The Scrutinizer Journal, Vol 1, Aug2017

Fresh off the press! Volume 1 of the Scrutinizer Journal is on Kidney and Urinary Health.

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The urinary system maintains the balance of chemicals and water in the body. Kidneys filter 120-150 quarts of blood to produce about 1-2 quarts of urine every day. This journal comprehensively covers everything about kidneys and urinary system: structure, function, diseases (chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, different types of dialysis, kidney stones, UTI and urinary incontinence), symptoms and treatments. A remarkable source of information for patients and communities to have access to increase knowledge and understanding of the diseases and conditions of the Urinary System. This in turn will help you ask the right questions from your physician, thus empowering you to make informed decisions about your or your loved ones’ health. For full access to this plethora of information: