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“I have known Meenakshi for a little over 6 months now and when my mother was having bowl problems she gave me sound advice. She has also given me a diet plan and workout plan because I told her I needed to lose weight. Its not that I asked her but because she really cares with whoever she is dealing with. She always gives thorough guidance and if she she is not sure, she will get you the right answer but she will always get back to you. She is an awesome person through and through and I am glad that I can call her friend and go to her when I have health questions for not only me but others as I have explained.”

– Jon Eitel



“ is a very useful site in a world of nebulous information. There I know that the information is vetted, and credible. The site administrator is a PhD, has done scientific research, and is known to me personally as a woman of character and intelligence. This site is an important addition to the internet as it provides information from real scientific research, presented by professionals. I would recommend supporting this website.”

– M. Calanthe Wilson-Pant, M.D. , BE, ABFM