A Tale of Two Issues: Critical Thinking and Health

Dr. Noll discusses with the students the vast career choices they can have with degree in science along with helping humanity and animals more than in any other field. She shows the students how fun a career in science is that allows you to travel the world, talk about your research work and help people. She then explains how all her research and teaching experience prepared her to start her business. The most important issues discussed are Critical Thinking Skills, and the difference between Science Based and Evidence Based Medicine.

Key Questions

The Key questions answered will be:

  1. How fun a career in science is: travel the world, present your work and help people. What could be better than this
  2. How to decide what data is true or which is reliable information
  3. Vaccinations: friends or foe
  4. What are GMOs? the truth
  5. Pesticides: the truth and reliable data will be presented

Expected Outcomes

I want the students to learn the following:

  1. Develop critical thinking skills and be able to look at facts, data and then decide their choices not just follow the crowd
  2. Understand the difference between Science based and Evidence Based Medicine
  3. Vaccinations: Imp or not? I’ll provide facts they will learn to apply the data to make their decisions
  4. Pesticides: are they really harmful as used? or Organic foods Vs regular foods
  5. GMOs: what are they? so the students can make informed decisions regarding their foods and health and help others in the process.
  6. In the end the goal is for the students to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills so they make informed decisions regarding their health and treatment and disease. They learn to ask questions and not just follow a hype or crowd, and that they are not afraid to ask questions.

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