Stem Cell Consulting

The stem cell field is filled with promise, however, at this stage there are too many challenges. There is not enough pre-clinical data at this point that shows bona fide cure of most of the incurable diseases. However, most websites, clinics all over the world make exaggerated promises of curing any disease by Stem Cell Transplant. Desperate patients fall for these claims and really don’t know any better.

It is hard to believe that M.D.s would provide these unethical services for profit. Procedures cost up to $80,000 not including travel and other expenses. It is very disturbing that to get paying patients, the clinics, hospitals and industry claim to have treated plethora of diseases and disorders including cancer, autism, spinal injury, hair growth and so on.

Therefore, a company like us is much needed. We provide Reliable, Unbiased, Science Based Information on Stem Cells. The CEO of The Scrutinizer herself is a Stem Cell Biologist who has done bench research on stem cells for more than a decade.

If you are considering stem cell transplant or participating in a clinical trial, contact us for information.

For Patients:

  • We investigate the facility you are going to
  • Discuss pros and cons of the treatment you’re considering
  • We review the disease for which they are promising stem cell transplant
  • Validate potential outcome of the treatment method proposed
  • Avoid opinions of false clinics with unbiased information and advice

For Patients Considering Clinical Trials:

  • We make sure patients understand their rights under the clinical trial
  • We educate patients on what to expect from the therapy, physically and mentally
  • We explain the whole procedure in clear, simple language to help you make a sound decision

For Companies:

  • Help you write reports, regulatory submissions, clinical trials
  • We offer methodology for stem cell research
  • Troubleshooting of your ongoing research
  • Keep you informed of the latest breakthroughs in stem cell research