Patient Advocate

Navigating complicated health issues and dealing with medical service providers can be confusing. Having an educated and well informed patient advocate is crucial to helping you understand the proposed treatment and make the most educated decision.

The Scrutinizer team will review your medical concerns and discuss all the potential outcomes so you feel informed and aware of all of your options.

Our multidisciplinary team (that includes biochemists), will formulate a personalized, written plan that includes the following steps:

  • We investigate the facility you are going to
  • Discuss pros and cons of the treatment you’re considering
  • We review the disease for which they are promising treatment
  • Validate potential outcome of the treatment method proposed
  • Avoid opinions of false clinics with unbiased information and advice
  • We educate patients on what to expect from the therapy, physically and mentally
  • We explain the whole procedure ahead of time in clear, simple language to help you make a sound decision

Your complete, personalized health plan will be delivered to your email, and our Patient Advocates will be available throughout the process to answer questions and help you feel comfortable with your health decision.

Your health is our priority!

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