Our multi-disciplinary team provides a wide range of services where both medical and holistic approaches come together.

Focus on fitness/health goals, help to manage a chronic condition, overcoming an addiction and more. We have developed a versatile, unique, three phase strategy that will positively affect your life.

Phase I — Getting to Know You

What We Provide Benefits / Outcome
1-Hour FREE Intensive/Comprehensive Assessment of your overall health

  • Medications, supplements, current treatments
  • Review of your goals, struggles, stumbling blocks, and patterns
  • Counseling and/or Mentoring
  • Moving at your pace: we focus on what is important to you
  • Develop a therapeutic relationship with a health coach
  • Discuss your Health Concerns/issues and struggles without fear of being criticized
  • Become an empowered/confident person

Phase II — Implementation

What We Provide Benefits / Outcome
  • Overall Written Individualized Plan
  • Discuss and provide weekly strategies and plans
  • Monitor, measure and adjust weekly strategies based on progress
  • Make informed, educated decisions about your health
  • Advocate for your own health
  • Ask better, informed questions from your doctor
  • Learn daily action steps to reach your goals

Phase III — Weekly Maintenance/Follow-up

What We Provide Benefits / Outcome
  • Evaluate weekly progress and set new goals weekly
  • Develop questions for visits with health care providers
  • Continue to provide reassurance, support & answer questions
  • Weekly consultation with Health Coach
  • Receive support and encouragement to keep up with the plan
  • Reach a new way of living that is gratifying and easy to maintain
  • Create manageable, long-term, healthy habits

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