We bring to you a wide range of services because of our multidisciplinary team, where each member has their own specialization. Our services are needed now more than ever because of extreme misinformation available regarding our health. We hear from people every day how they are lost and don’t know who or what to believe. Keeping all this in mind, and the lives we have successfully transformed, we bring you the following services:

I. Customized Plans to manage/achieve health and fitness goals

  • Sports Supplements

The stores are flooded with Supplements, Energy Drinks, etc. So many are available that no one really knows what to take, when to take it and are they even safe? Teenagers have ended up in ER due to the consumption of these sports supplements or using wrong combinations. A session with me will take all this guess work away as we provide you with unbiased reliable information on the supplements and their metabolism. You will finally feel relieved that for once the information makes sense. You can leave the decision of what and how much supplement to use, in our capable hands and you can focus fully towards your fitness plans.

  • Fitness/diet/health

Once again, there is too much confusion and misinformation on food, fitness and diet. We are human and cannot deprive ourselves for long and this is the reason the diets always fail. People lose weight then gain weight and the whole vicious cycle ensues. I, as a biochemist, and nutritionists on my team will formulate a personalized plan to meet your requirements that includes eating real food, keeping you healthy and achieve your fitness goals. Please try our free introductory session.

  • Healthy delicious recipes

For the clients who suffer from chronic conditions like Diabetes, Pancreatitis, hypertension etc, our multidisciplinary team offers weekly recipes straight to your inbox along with grocery list to make your life easy. The recipes are carefully developed to use the nutrients together in a way that they provide maximum benefit, helping to manage your health conditions. At the end of your session, a document with all the information discussed will be securely sent to you so you have access to it at any time.

  • Q and A Sessions

We will provide you with Reliable, Unbiased, Science Based Information you seek on any disease and its potential treatments. We also help you develop questions for review with your healthcare provider to enable you to make informed decisions about your health. This service is very important because most of the time, the patients hesitate to ask  questions from their doctor. At the same time, there are too many unanswered questions in their minds and they are unclear at what their doctor said. This session will bring you peace of mind and empower you to be an active part of your treatment team.

II. Subscription Services (both Individual and Employer)

We research and write content for Magazines, Companies and Health Care Providers in the form of company newsletters, or education material based on science based information, teaching critical thinking skills so people can make informed decisions regarding food, health, treatment, and not fall prey to misinformation that could ruin their health (if requested by the client, we offer exclusive content as well but for an additional fee). This service is provided for Individuals as well: they can request one time information as well. We include a free consultation session for Individuals.

III. Literature Search Service

Writing a thesis, grant or too busy? We will do a complete literature search for you which includes abstracts for each reference and the collection is delivered as electronic media.

IV. Seminars and Webinars

We offer to Organizations and Companies Seminars and Webinars on topics related to diseases and their treatments, present science based facts to alleviate misinformation (e.g. on topics of GMOs, organic foods, gluten, Vaccination) while teaching critical thinking skills to communities so they can make informed decisions. These Seminar services are provided free of charge to any schools on request.


The following services are exclusively provided by Dr. Noll

Life Coaching/ goal achieving/Addiction Support

As Plato said, “The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.”

The Scrutinizer bridges that gap and helps the body and soul together as one. Dr. Noll has thorough knowledge of medicine and science, having done medical research for decades. In addition, she learned Sanskrit at the age of 10 and yoga, meditations, chakras have been part of her upbringing. This unique combination of understanding both the body and soul has enabled her to develop her own distinctive style of connecting with people going through difficult phase of their lives. Dr. Noll is particularly passionate about helping people with addictions. She has written a book on Teen Addiction that will soon be available on Kindle.

Whether feeling stuck in life, battling depression, addiction, want to be healthy, or any other life issues, The Scrutinizer, provides holistic and life and health Coaching that supports you in making decisions that will move you, your career and/or health forward in a more positive healthy direction for you. During our sessions, we talk and work together to assess the current-status of your existing needs, creating an individualized thoughtful plan of action for you. 

As your Life and Health coach, The Scrutinizer will help you to:

  • Thoughtfully develop an individualized plan to meet your needs
  • Connect you with Science based, reliable, useful resources
  • Explore your motivations and desires
  • Brush up your resume, improve your cover letters, if you are thinking about changing jobs or careers
  • Prepare for interviews, including teaching you skills to overcome anxiety
  • Feel inspired again about your life.
  • Learn how to use your unique gifts and strengths both at work and in hobbies
  • Talk about difficult passages in your life
  • Explore new life alternatives and options
  • If you need someone to walk alongside you as you make some important decisions about your life, health and career, The Scrutinizer would be happy to provide the support and expertise that you need

Fees and Packages

Every prospective coaching client gets a complimentary 1h initial strategy session by Skype, phone, email or chat. This conversation allows us to get to know one another, determine your needs, and see if we connect and are a good fit for each other. If we agree that it is indeed a good “fit”, we discuss scheduling, payment, and make an initial agreement about our new coaching relationship. We work together as a team and you, the client has the power to guide our working relationship to meet your individual needs as we work together.

Membership/Subscription Levels

1. Introductory Special: For a limited time, we are offering very low Rates for Membership/Subscription of $9.95 per month

What you get (Member Privileges)

  • Access to the ENTIRE Website
  • Blog
  • Free Subscription to ‘The Scrutinizer Journal’ (coming out biweekly). Cost of each Issue of Journal bought separately is $14.95. The Journal would focus on one topic each time e.g. Vol I is on Kidney Health
  • Our Exclusive Newsletter
  • 10% discount on our books, merchandise, and services. Members get priority in scheduling the sessions over non-members or free members
  • Members can request the topics they want information on and our Journal will cover those
  • As a thank you for being our valued member, you get
    • 1h free session with Dr. Noll on phone or skype to discuss any topic (pertaining to medicine, health, sports supplements, goal achieving, addiction, life coaching)
    • OR
    • a summarized 2-page report (single sided) on any one of the above topics, sent to your inbox
    • OR
    • Artwork from Dr. Noll: a small painted tile or a painted card (would be displayed soon in our store)


2. Prepay $44.95 for six months (BEST VALUE: compare at $59.70 if paid per month at $9.95)

What you get (Valued Member Privileges)

  • Best value of $44.99 (one-time payment, renewed every six months. You can cancel anytime by sending us an email). One month before your membership ends, we would remind you via email of your membership status.
  • Everything in the monthly membership


3. Per Article Access: $0.99

  • Don’t want to pay for Membership, but interested in an article? We got you covered. Just pay per article after signing for free subscription/membership
  • In addition, you get 2-3 free articles that are posted for all subscribers free of charge
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4. Free Subscription

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