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BCAA – All you need to know

  Dr. Meenakshi Noll What are BCAAs  Amino acids are building blocks of protein. There are 22 amino acids that are required in the body to carry out various funcions especially protein synthesis. Among all amino acids, 9 are called essential amino acids as they are not produced in the body and must be obtained from external sources like animal food products (e.g. milk proteins). Out of these 9 essential amino acids, three are called branched chain amino [...]

March 25th, 2017|Sports Medicine, Weekly Journal Article|0 Comments

The Increasing use of Dietary Supplements: Benefits and Dangers

 Aiman Bandali INTRODUCTION Over the last few years, particularly since 2010, there has been an increase in intake of dietary supplements. According to the new market report published by Persistence Market Research, the global dietary supplements market was valued at $109.8 billion and is expected to grow to about $179.8 billion by 2020.1 Increased use seems to be directly related to greater interest in healthy living.1 Dietary supplements, with their wide availability and different dosage forms, seem to [...]

January 28th, 2017|health and diet, supplements|0 Comments

The Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet on Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer Risk

Joanne P. Shelby-klein, BSN, RN Introduction: What is the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean Diseases(MD) is currently thought of as the paradigm for healthy eating. The World Health Organization states that adopting the Mediterranean diet can prevent the onset of disease and improve the standard of living.7 Recent studies have documented that routine adherence to this diet can potentially delay chronic diseases including, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.5 It is widely accepted that a true, healthy diet [...]

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Vitamin B12

 Dr. Hasina Akhter INTRODUCTION OF VITAMIN B12 Vitamin B12 is one of the nine water soluble B vitamins. It is also known as cobalamin or cyanocobalamin as it contains cobalt, the essential trace element to all animals. Methylcobalamin and 5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin are other forms of this vitamin that are active in human metabolism (1-2). DISCOVERY Monot and Murphy first reported Vitamin D’s effectiveness for the treatment of pernicious anemia, a fatal disease where body cannot produce red blood cells [...]

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Taking a BiTE® out of Cancer

 Isharpal Singh, M.S. The Next Gen approach in Immunotherapy The era of modern antibody therapy began with the Prize-winning report on the basic structure of the immunoglobulin molecule given by Rodney Porter. His findings revealed two identical antigen-binding fragments (Fab) that blocked antigen precipitation by the parent antibody and a third easily crystallizable fragment (Fc) which was found to be inactive. From a historian’s point of view, it is remarkable that almost simultaneously with these first insights into [...]

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